Frequently Asked Questions

Why does algae predominately grow around the perimeter of my lake?
There are two reasons why algae grow: nutrients and sunlight. The reason it mainly congregates around the perimeter is that most lakes with a natural slope have a very shallow littoral area around the lake. This allows sunlight to penetrate to the bottom, and in addition to the available nutrients, will initiate the process.

Why is my lake muddy?
Lakes can become muddy for several reasons. Newly constructed lakes are typically quite turbid once the lake is complete. All surrounding banks need to be secured with some sort of vegetation to reduce the amount of run-off sediment that can accumulate after a heavy rain. Rough fish, such as a carp, might also keep the bottom sediment stirred up since these fish are bottom dwellers. Also, check the surrounding watershed that your lake is in. Make sure any run-off that it is receiving is not carrying a heavy load of sediment and dumping it into your pond.

Why should I aerate my pond?
Aeration produces the most essential component to your lake: oxygen. Aerating your pond will not only put much needed oxygen into your pond, but will also help promote naturally occurring bacteria that are located in your water. These bacteria will remove the excess nutrients that are present in your pond instead of being utilized by the algae. This will promote a healthier environment in your pond and also help remove some of the odors that are associated with stagnant water.

Why are the bass in my lake about the same size? Do I need to add more bass?
No, exactly the opposite. The reason the bass are the same size is that there are too many bass in the lake or not enough food for them to eat. The bass are all competing for the same size food, thus not allowing any of them to advance to the next size class. Removing some of the bass will allow the remaining fish to increase in size, thus giving you bigger bass. Also, you could introduce more forage fish for the bass to eat, making available more food for your existing bass and allowing them to advance to the next size class.

What are the benefits of using a lake dye?
Lake dye not only increases the aesthetic quality of the lake, but it also will help restrict some of the sunlight from penetrating to the bottom of the lake. This is important because this is where the algae and vegetation both originate. If you can filter out some of the sunlight from making its’ way to the bottom of the lake, you can limit the amount of algae and vegetation that will grow in your lake.